Tuesday, March 8, 2011

MLB Power Rankings #9

Well this past week we did not do a podcast. There just wasnt time as Kevin and I were busy taking our midterms. But this week is our spring break so we will try to bring you as much content as we can. We have recorded a podcast, and we may, also I will try to finish my Power Rankings, so look out for a new team every day this week. So now lets dig right in and look at the #9 team.

#9- Minnesota Twins

1. Carl Pavano
2. Francisco Liriano
3. Brian Duensing
4. Nick Blackburn
5. Scott Baker

CL- Joe Nathan
SU- Matt Capps
SU- Jose Mijares
MR- Alex Burnett
MR- Pat Neshek

1. Denard Span-CF
2. Tsuyoshi Nishioka-2B
3. Joe Mauer-C
4. Justin Morneau-1B
5. Michael Cuddyer-RF
6. Delmon Young-LF
7. Jason Kubel-DH
8. Danny Valencia-3B
9. Alexi Casilla-SS

The Twins have created a model for success that I love, they manage to develop nearly their entire team through their farm system. If you have ever listened to me talk baseball on our podcasts or read any of my ideas about how to construct a winning team, you know that the one thing I preach is to build through the farm. That is the only way to consistently win (with the exception of the Yankees and other successful big market teams.) Their offense is built around a series of homegrown talent in former MVP's Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau and complementary players Jason Kubel, Michael Cuddyer and Denard Span. To me the most interesting piece of this offense to watch in 2011 is the young Japanese shortstop Tsuyoshi Nishioka. He was a stellar player in Japan, but as we have seen in the past that doesn't always translate to the majors (Kaz Matsui, Kosuke Fukudome.) All together they have a solid offensive attack that features some speed with Span, Nishioka and Casilla, and solid power from Mauer, Morneau, Kubel, Cuddyer and Young. The pitching staff is also solid with Carl Pavano and the resurgent Francisco Liriano, both provide top of the rotation stuff supported by a multitude of middle of the rotation arms. They have some room to deal a couple of their middle of the rotation arms if they want to. Then as usual they have a really good pen, hopefully Joe Nathan can come back from injury and return to his dominant form. If not they have insurance with another excellent closer in Matt Capps. What I love about the Twins is they are not excellent in any specific category but are good in every category. But with that also comes their downfall that they never seem to go deep in the playoffs, and the rest of the division got a lot better. So It's not a guarantee that the Twins will win the division or even make the playoffs.

Look out for our next Podcast that Kevin is editing and also look out for the rest of my power rankings.

Chris "Da Franchize" Hart

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