Wednesday, March 2, 2011

MLB Power Rankings #10

Now we have finally broken into the top 10 teams in my MLB Power Rankings. This is what we have been building up too, so before we get into the #10 team, lets recap what we have so far.

30. Royals
29. Indians
28. Astros
27. Pirates
26. Mariners
25. D-Backs
24. Blue Jays
23. Nationals
22. Padres
21. Orioles
20. Dodgers
19. Angels
18. Marlins
17. Tigers
16. Mets
15. Rays
14. A's
13. Cubs
12. Reds
11. Cardinals

Now lets get into the #10 team in my MLB Power Rankins......

#10- Atlanta Braves

1. Derek Lowe
2. Tim Hudson
3. Tommy Hanson
4. Jair Jurrjens
5. Mike Minor

CL- Craig Kimbrel
SU- Scott Linebrink
SU- Jonny Venters
MR- Peter Moylan
MR- George Sherrill

1. Martin Prado- LF
2. Jason Heyward-RF
3. Chipper Jones-3B
4. Dan Uggla-2B
5. Brian McCann-C
6. Alex Gonzalez-SS
7. Freddie Freeman-1B
8. Nate McLouth-CF

It's too bad these guys play in the same division as the Phillies, because if it were not for the Phillies the Braves would easily win this division. They have a dominant pitching staff that has a plethora of arms moving up from the minors that also help improve a solid bullpen, and with the addition of Dan Uggla the Braves now have a very potent offense. Now I think this is an extremely strong team but they do have a few flaws. They lack a true ace, Derek Lowe is an innings eater and Tim Hudson may have put up good numbers but his stuff no longer rates as an ace in my eyes. But Tommy Hanson is on the cusp of developing into an ace, he has the stuff and potential to be the anchor of this braves pitching staff for years to come. Johnny Venters and Craig Kimbrel are two exciting young arms that will battle for the closers spot this year and provide a solid foundation for this bullpen. The offense has also improved mightily, Dan Uggla provides the raw power for the middle of the lineup, and Jason Heyward provides the 5 tool talent to pair with Uggla. The Braves have 4 legitimate offensive stars in Martin Prado, Heyward, Uggla and Brian McCann to go along with aging veterans in Alex Gonzalez and Chipper Jones, and up and coming talent in Freddie Freeman. The Braves have a nice balance on offense and on the mound that I think they have a realistic shot at making the playoffs this season, barring some unfortunate injuries. But even if they do not make it this year, the Braves are a team on the rise and should take over when the Phillies begin to decline.

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