Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Jumping-the-Gun Only Leads to Injured Foots

                Have you ever witnessed a team, from any sport, struggle in their first couple of games of the season, and say to yourself “Well, they’re done. So much for the hope on this season.” If you have, STOP IT. You may have a serious illness called Jumping-the-Gun syndrome. It’s very dangerous, and very contagious.
                Chances are if you have had thoughts like this, it probably didn’t all stem from you. You probably had some foreign thoughts and opinions sway you into making this egregious statement. But where would such ill-advised thoughts come from? If you guessed the media, you can pat yourself on the back for that answer. The media LOVES to do this. In fact, they make a living by jumping-the-gun. It’s how they get the attention of their viewers/readers. Now I know the media needs to have its followers, but is this really the best way to get them? By making bold, ill-thought out statements? There are other ways.
                Now of course accusations and degrading comments like this need to have proof to go along with it. So may I present you with the New York Jets of 2010: Began the year with a 10-9 loss at home to the Baltimore Ravens. The media jumped on them like a pack of lions do to a sickly prey. Comments were spewed, saying that they were overhyped (possibly), they weren’t going to win the division (see Skip Bayless’ “The Not Yets”), and they would crumble this season and not compete for the playoffs… ALL BECAUSE OF ONE GAME! The very first game even! So after all those bold statements the media gave, let’s look and see how the “The Not Yets” are doing: 8-2 on the season, leading their division (half game over the Patriots), and leading the entire AFC conference (again, half game over the Patriots). Is it panic time, or can they enjoy where they’re at right now?
                It’s not always about teams either. Sometimes, people jump-the-gun over individuals as well. Take Miguel Cabrera in 2010 for example; when it was getting close to the All-Star Break, people were already stamping him to be the next Triple Crown winner. Keep in mind that we haven’t had a Triple Crown winner in 43 years (Carl Yastrzemski), but all of a sudden, we have one before we’ve even hit half way mark? He wasn’t even leading the respective stats at the time! Wait until September at least before you make such statements! At least you look somewhat with it by then…
                But of course, the whole cause of this rant against the media is caused by a more recent incident. It is the outcry against the Miami Heat. The media-claimed “super-team” is currently struggling right now; being 8-6 on the season (will be 8-7 if my prediction comes true by the end of their Orlando Magic game). A coaching funeral is already being set up for Erik Spoelstra, and Heat fans are beginning to worry if their team is really any good at all. News flash people: ITS ONLY 14 GAMES INTO THE SEASON!!! If you do the math, that’s 68 games left for them to figure it out. Of course they were going to struggle in the beginning. It’s a completely new team. The way Miami set up their team this year is like how a college team is set up; new players all around. Everyone knew they weren’t going to win all 82 games this season (much less 72 like owner Pat Riley predicted). But for some reason, no one could figure out that they were going to struggle in the beginning. If it gets to the All-Star Break and they’re close or below .500, then yeah, it’s time to worry. But for now, let’s ease up off the panic button.
                There’s nothing wrong with having opinions, or even strong opinions. But let’s try to keep opinions at least somewhat realistic. Don’t let foreign thoughts completely dictate you into making such bold and thoughtless statements. Otherwise, this might happen to you…

-Kevin (Erp)

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