Monday, November 22, 2010


Hello sports fans. Well, like Chris said, we are starting something awesome on the internet world. We will be having our own sports show that will be comprised of a 2-a-week podcast show and a 'round-the-clock blog setup to discuss what is going on in the sporting world. We will be providing news in the sporting world and our opinions and analysis of such news. We will also be covering some games (yes, of ALL sports) and give an analysis of these games. I look forward to the greatness that can come out of this and the excitement that will be spawned by this. I would like to thank my friend Chris for this oppertunity, and it means a lot to me that he wants to do this with me. But remember, it's not all about us. It's also about YOU. We want to hear from you fans out there listening as well. We know that when it comes to sports, people have opinions like NO other topic out there (besides maybe politics... But really, who wants to talk about that?). So e-mail us your opinions/questions/responses to our work, and we will discuss them as well (as Chris has discussed). So remember, while this show/blog was created by Chris and me, it's NOT for us. It's for you guys/girls out there who enjoy sports and watching sports as much as we do. So please, if you want your opinions heard, we're all ears!
This idea is a work in progress right now... Help us make it into a success for YOU! Thank you!
-Kevin (Erp)

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  1. Hear is my subject for this week, Marvin Lewis needs to be replaced. Who is the best possible option for Cincinnati to replace him (now or if they wait until the end of the year)