Wednesday, January 5, 2011

MLB Power Rankings # 28

Today we will take a look at my number 28 team which i am surprised that they are this low. Its not that it's a great team but i didn't think they would fall this low. This team would be the Houston Astros, i think they have improved their team from last year in terms of overall talent. But I dont think they can rely on Brett Myers to put up the numbers he did in 2010. Lets take a more in depth look at the 2011 Houston Astros.

1. Brett Myers
2. Wandy Rodriguez
3. J.A. Happ
4. Bud Norris
5. Nelson Figueroa

While they may lack a true ace at the top of the staff, their top 4 starters are pretty solid. As i mentioned before Brett Myers had a terrific 2010 season and i doubt he can repeat those numbers. But as long as he can pitch effectively this team can be a solid staff. Wandy Rodriguez has been pretty consistent the past few seasons and is a solid middle of the rotation guy. J.A. Happ came over in the Roy Oswalt trade and is another guy who should be able to eat some innings and be a solid middle of the rotation guy. Then you have Bud Norris who can put up decent strikeout totals but will need to get his walks down if he wants to improve. But again he is a guy who can be a solid middle of the rotation guy. The only real weak spot is that they lack depth and if there are some injuries they could struggle. But this is definitely not the weakest staff in the division.

CL- Brandon Lyon
SU-Alberto Arias
SU-Wilton Lopez
MR- Mark Melancon
MR-Jeff Fulchino

The bullpen is going to be the weak spot of this team, with the exception of closer Brandon Lyon this is a garbage pen. Some of the relievers may be serviceable but you could probably pick up someone of the scrap heap and get equal value. It's too bad they had to give up Matt Lindstrom, i have always been a big fan of him.

1. Michael Bourn-CF
2. Clint Barmes-SS
3. Chris Johnson-3B
4. Carlos Lee-LF
5. Hunter Pence-RF
6. Bill Hall-2B
7. Brett Wallace-1B
8. Jason Castro-C

This is not a horrible offense and while it may not have any huge glaring holes at a particular position. It is an offense that lacks true star power, Hunter Pence who should be more of an ancillary piece is being asked to be the offensive star along with a washed up Carlos Lee and inconsistent Bill Hall and a number of young players. The one thing I will say about the Astros is that every year they seem to overachieve compared to expectations and manage to stay in the race. They could definitely do that with this roster considering the talent of the previous teams but i doubt it. This team is significantly better than the two previous teams on my rankings, but don't expect the Astros to be in contention and likely will be at the bottom of the division.

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