Wednesday, January 5, 2011

MLB Power Rankings # 27

Some moves have been made over the past few days that have made me have to adjust my rankings, which is why it has taken a little longer to get these out. This next team just moved down a spot because the team that was previously at #27 added a piece that bumps them up a spot. This team is slightly better than the Astros but not by a ton, and easily could slip behind them not only in the rankings but in the division. So I'm sure you can guess who this is, I am talking about the Pittsburgh Pirates. Lets take an in depth look at this team.

1. Paul Maholm
2. Ross Ohlendorf
3. James McDonald
4. Kevin Correia
5. Charlie Morton

This is there huge weakness, i actually kind of like their offense but they have BAD pitching. Maholm is an okay lefty who can eat innings but he is not a number one starter. James McDonald looked good when he came over in a trade from the Dodgers but he is not a guarantee. The rest of the staff is garbage, Ohlendorf might be useful but Correia struggled at the most pitcher friendly park last season and was a back of the rotation starter to begin with. The fifth spot could be filled by Charlie Morton, Daniel McCutchen or players off the AAA team. This staff is not as bad as the Royals but they are pretty close.

CL- Joel Hanrahan
SU- Evan Meek
SU- Chris Resop
MR- Sean Gallagher
MR- Scott Olsen

Their pen is not as bad as their staff but it is not a good bullpen. Joel Hanrahan could be a fantastic reliever in my opinion, but he needs to limit his walks. The rest of the relievers in this pen they basically got at the bargain bin at Walmart, some might surprise us and then be used as trade bait mid season and the rest will be bad. This is another area the Pirates need to improve upon if they want to ever have a winning season again.

1.Andrew McCutchen-CF
2.Jose Tabata-LF
3.Neil Walker-2B
4.Pedro Alvarez-3B
5.Lyle Overbay-1B
6.Garrett Jones-RF
7.Chris Snyder-C
8.Ronny Cedeno-SS

The Pirates offense will be there best area in 2011, as they have some promising young talent that should continue to get better. McCutchen has been the star of this team for the past 2 seasons and has proved to be a solid top of the order hitter who is a true 5 tool talent. His time as the star of this team is ending as Pedro Alvarez has reached the Big Levels and didn't disappoint in 2010. Expect Alvarez to lead this team in HR and RBI for years to come and be a perennial All-Star. Besides those 2 stars, Neil Walker and Jose Tabata also emerged as reliable contributors on this team. With those young stars and the addition of veteran first baseman Lyle Overbay this should be an above average offense. This will not get them to a winning season but they should be a bit more respectable than in years past. Its hard not to root for this team as it would be nice to see them break that streak of losing seasons but I dont think this is the team to do it.

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