Monday, December 6, 2010

Winter Meetings Day 1 Recap

There had been a lot of action leading up to the winter meetings so there are expectations for a lot of moves. Day one has consisted of a lot of rumors and one big move with a couple smaller moves thus far. So i want to keep the same format that i usually do and list the moves with their pictures, 10' stats and Bill James projections for 11'.

Mark Reynolds (3B)- Traded to Orioles for David Hernandez and Kam Mickollio
2010-  .198/.320/.433  32 HR  85 RBI  7 SB  1.7 FLD  2.4 WAR
Bill James-  .233/.337/.490  35 HR  94 RBI  9 SB

You know what your getting in Mark Reynolds, a lot of power and a ton of strikeouts, Reynolds holds the top 3 single seasons records for strikeouts per seasons. The good thing about Reynolds is that he is only 27 years old and played okay defense last year with a ton of pop. I like this move from the Orioles standpoint as he gives their offense some life and only give up some relief pitching for it as Reynolds stock was pretty low after hitting below the mendoza line last season. The D-Backs get some help for their bullpen and get rid of the horrid amount of strikeouts but lose one of their top players. I think getting Reynolds really will help the Orioles stay competitive but is not enough to be in contention.

Melvin Mora (3B/UT)- Signed with Diamondbacks
2010 (COL)- .285/.358/.421  7 HR  45 RBI  2 SB  -9.8 FLD  .5 WAR
Bill James-  .272/.346/.406  8 HR  40 RBI  2 SB

It seems Arizona made all of the moves today, they immediately found Reynolds replacement in Melvin Mora. He will likely platoon with Geoff Blum, which is a move i didn't analyze a few weeks ago. This is a kind of wierd move replacing a 27 year old slugger with a 37 and 38 year old platoon but it is cheaper. This is good for Mora as at the age of 38 he is still able to find a starting job but i dont think the Diamondbacks are going to be able to make up the production lost from Reynolds. The D-Backs are obviously just filling holes with veteran players as they are in a rebuilding phase on Kevin Towers.

J.J. Putz (RP/CL)- Signed with Diamondbacks
2010 (CWS)- 54 IP  7-5  2.83 ERA  10.83 K/9  2.5 BB/9  1.5 WAR
Bill James-  50 IP  4-2  2.88 ERA  9.54 K/9  3.06 BB/9

Kevin Towers continues to rework this team and rebuild the bullpen, as they add a man who can be a legit closer. Putz bounced back from some injuries and dissapointing years to put up a great 2010 (see stats above). I do like this move as i have always been a fan of JJ Putz and i think he will dominate in Arizona. Now i dont know how many games he will have to save as i am not sold on this team but i think he will do a great job and if they are out of contention at the deadline he could get flipped. Not a bad signing and he adds to a much improved bullpen with David Hernandez likely setting him up.
 These were the big moves made today but there are likely many others in the works. Now the interesting story to follow is the Cliff Lee saga, apparently some team has offered him seven years. But it is not the Yankees and they say 7 years is a deal breaker (according to, so who is this mystery team that has offered him a 7 year deal? Well for one it is not the Rangers as they have said 4 years is their limit so the only team that i can imagine it being is the Nationals. I know their are other teams in on Lee but i cant imagine anybody besides that Nats being crazy enough to offer him a 7 year deal. They have proven that they are willing to over pay to bring talent to Washington and give long contracts so it could happen. That is my big prediction for today, well i cant wait for some more exciting hot stove action tommorow. Please check in as i will keep you updated on the cover it live chat box on the right side of the blog. And please feel free to submit questions and i promise i will answer all of your questions.

Chris "da Franchize" Hart

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