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MLB Offseason Updates 12-5-10

We are almost to the winter meetings and the hot stove is really starting to heat up. But this past week there were a plethora of big moves that i wanted to take a look at before we get to the winter meetings. Similar to the last post i will include the players previous years stats and Bill James 11' projections.

Ryan Theriot (SS/2B): trade to the Cardinals for Blake Hawksworth
2010 (CHC/LAD)- .270/.321/.312  2 HR  72 R  20 SB  -4.3 FLD  0 WAR
Bill James- .277/.340/.339  3 HR  70 R  18 SB

Neither of these players are going to be all-stars for their teams but Theriot should be able to provide a option for the bottom of the batting order for St. Louis and Hawksworth could be a solid middle reliever for Los Angeles. Although in terms of production this may not be a huge trade, this will heat up the Cardinals v.s Cubs rivalry as they have taken yet another fan favorite from Chicago (Mark DeRosa 2 years ago). Theriot has also decided to rile up the Cubs fans by claiming he is on the right side of the rivalry now. This will make the Cards v.s Cubs matchups much more exciting. In terms of production though Theriot is an average middle infielder and average contact hitter with no pop and moderate speed.

Miguel Tejada (3B/SS): signs with Giants
2010 (BAL/SD)- .269/.312/.381  15 HR  71 RBI  2 SB  -6.8 FLD  1.3 WAR
Bill James- .279/.324/.415  17 HR  84 RBI  3 SB

When the Dodgers snatched Juan Uribe from them they had to make a move to replace his production. I guess Tejada is the answer, he cant really play SS anymore but he may still see some time there. I think Bill James projections are a little generous for the 36 year old but I think he still has a few seasons left in the tank. Tejada is a better overall hitter than Uribe was but he doesn't have the power that Uribe had at this point in his career. Tejada fits in with that club as its built around a group of veterans who many thought were washed up and now are champions.

Juan Uribe (SS/3B/2B): Signs with the Dodgers
2010 (SF)- .248/.310/.440  24 HR  85 RBI  1 SB  6.8 FLD  3.2 WAR
Bill James- .253/.307/.434  20 HR  73 RBI  2 SB
The Dodgers have had a great off-season, putting together a great staff and bolstering their offense with Juan Uribe. With Uribe you get some serious pop but not a high average. His most valuable asset is his ability to play multiple positions as he can play third, short and second. They will most likely start him at second but he can fill in at the other positions when needed. The best aspect of this signing from a dodgers standpoint is that they took away a key piece from the division rival Giants.

Adam Dunn (1B/DH): Signs with the White Sox
2010 (WAS)- .260/.356/.536  38 HR  103 RBI  -3 FLD  3.9 WAR
Bill James-  .247/.373/.511  39 HR  102 RBI

 Probably the third biggest transaction this past week behind the Jayson Werth Deal and the Adrian Gonzalez trade. Dunn is the quintessential slugger who hits for power but strikes out a ton and doesn't hit for great average. He will likely play some DH but i know he wants to play the field so you will likely see him play some time in the outfield and at first. At first he is mediocre but in the outfield he is bad, but hopefully they wont play him there that often. With the imminent re-signing of Konerko and the signing of Dunn, the White Sox are going to have some serious pop in that lineup and should put up some big offensive numbers this season.

Lance Berkman (1B/OF): Signs with the Cardinals
2010 (HOU/NYY)- .248/.368/.413  14 HR  58 RBI  3 SB  3.7 FLD  2.1 WAR
Bill James- .275/.393/.486  22 HR  79 RBI  5 SB

This one is a head scratcher, of all the places he could go the Cardinals? I think Berkman can bounce back from a disappointing 2010 but he should not be playing the outfield at his age. He was never a good outfielder and should be playing DH now but right field is the only place the Cardinals can give him a lot of time at. I think we will see some bad defense from him this year but the offensive numbers should bounce back some if he doesn't get hurt playing the outfield. Kind of a weird signing but it could benefit the Cards offensively.

Aaron Harang (SP): Signs with the Padres
2010 (CIN)-  111.2 IP  6-7  5.32 ERA  6.61 K/9  3.06 BB/9  .9 WAR
Bill James-  159 IP  8-10  4.42 ERA  7.53 K/9  2.38 BB/9

Only a few years ago he was one of the top pitchers in the National League, now he is a back end starter. But i do like this signing, he should benefit from playing at PETCO park as every pitcher does and could be a nice bounce back candidate. He never looked the same after a relief appearance 3 years ago and was injured last season. I don't think this makes up for the loss of Adrian Gonzalez though.

Jayson Werth (OF): Signs with the Nationals
2010 (PHI)-  .296/.388/.532  27 HR  105 R  85 RBI  13 SB  -6.9 FLD  5 WAR
Bill James-  .275/.375/.493  28 HR  98 R  91 RBI  14 SB
The National are on the rise and they finally attracted a big free agent to Washington! He replaces Dunn as the big bopper on this team and is actually an upgrade, he may hit for less power but he hits for a better average, has more speed and more athleticism and plays better defense. This move also makes it easier to move Josh Willingham and i could see a deal happening for him if the National get pitching our of it. All in all this is a great pickup for the Nats and with a couple more smart moves they could be a competitive team in 2011.

Adrian Gonzalez (1B): Traded to the Red Sox for Casey Kelly, Anthony Rizzo and Reymond Fuentes
2010 (SD)-  .298/.393/.511  31 HR  101 RBI  1.1 FLD  5.3 WAR
Bill James-  .285/.378/.512  33 HR  102 RBI

Adrian has been one of those players i have loved but has gotten little attention, but now that he is moving to Boston he should become a bonafide superstar. He is one of the supreme left handed hitters in the game and should set career highs in all offensive categories as he is moving from the number 1 pitchers park to a great offensive park and should actually get pitched to. The Red Sox trade raped the Padres to, the only prospect i really like on this list is Rizzo as Casey Kelly really hasn't showed me he is legit. But none of these players are close to contributing at the big league level which i thought was a sticking point for the Padres, but apparently not. The Red Sox now are in a serious position to make it back to the playoffs.

Shaun Marcum (SP): Traded to the Brewers for pitching prospects
2010 (TOR)-  195.1 IP  13-8  3.64 ERA  7.6 K/9  1.98 BB/9  3.5 WAR
Bill James-  203 IP  12-11  3.77 ERA  7.45 K/9  2.44 BB/9

Interesting move and one that i had not heard any rumors about. We all knew the Brewers were looking for pitching and now they have found another starter to pair with Yovani Gallardo and Randy Wolf. He did have surgery in 09' but appeared healthy and strong last season and is 29 years old so is in his prime. I am curious who the prospects are but i think this is a win for Milwaukee as they filled a need and now look to be competitve come 2011. The NL Central looks more difficult now as their are possibly 3 teams in serious contention now. The Brewers could still make some moves as well but i think this really helps solidify that rotation.

Other Notable Trades/Signings
Yorvit Torrealba- Signed with Rangers
Carlos Villanueva- traded to Blue Jays for a PTBNL
Scott Linebrink- traded to Braves for Kyle Cofield

Notable Players who re-signed-
Derrek Jeter- NYY
A.J. Pierzynski- CWS
Bronson Arroyo- CIN
Jorge De La Rosa- COL
Pat Burrell- SF
Erik Bedard-SEA

Well thats all the trade updates i know of thus far. Look for at the end of the week a post recapping all the moves made during the winter meetings and possibly a podcast.

Chris "da Franchize" Hart

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